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Building A Legacy Of Quality One Relationship At A Time.

M-13 Construction, Inc. has delivered excellence as a general contractor for over 40 years, but the legacy started six generations before in masonry. As one of Utah’s premier commercial contracting firms, we’ve always been driven to create a lasting business that not only provides our customers with exceptional service but establishes a relationship built on transparency.

Under the leadership of President and CEO Mike Morley, who assumed ownership in 1996, M-13 Construction, Inc. is firmly established upon the core principles of quality craftsmanship, excellent customer relations, and fiscal responsibility. Commitment to these principles is evident in the everyday activities of each employee, from management to site personnel.  

Whether it’s multi-story structural steel or single-story wood frame, masonry, metals buildings, or a concrete tilt-up, M-13 Construction, Inc. is qualified and experienced, making us the right contracting firm for any project. With just some basic details: overall size, functionality, general aesthetic style, M-13 Construction, Inc. will go to work with its team of architects and engineers to provide the perfect design and finished product. From concept to reality, M-13 Construction can take care of it all.

For your next project, allow M-13 Construction, Inc. to show you how it lives up to the motto –  A Legacy of Quality.


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For over 30 years, M-13 Construction has remained committed to the core principles of quality workmanship, customer relations, and transparency.



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