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Palm Desert, California


The client, a hospitality franchise owner, hired M-13 Construction to perform general contracting services for a new 62,000 square-foot hotel located in California. Prior to working with M-13 Construction, the client worked with an outside architect and had completed architectural designs. Ultimately, those approved plans caused both the budget and schedule to go awry as large portions of the hotel’s construction design lacked proper structural support and required redesigning. Through round table sessions with all parties and due diligence, M-13 Construction was able to turn the project around. The same client chose to work with M-13 Construction for their next hotel. This time they used the M-13 Construction architects, which provided a smoother process from start to finish.


The owner had worked with an outside architect to design the first hotel, which ultimately caused compounded challenges to the entire project. However, the same client chose to use M-13 Construction for the design and build on the second hotel project. Enlisting M-13 Construction’s services in all aspects of the 2nd project allowed the build to move forward smoothly.
In the first hotel build, the architectural drawings required redesign as they were not completed correctly
The city had additional requirements which incurred additional costs and lost time with each design change
The client had early design concerns but needed to stay within budget despite


M-13 Construction was met with significant issues in the initial hotel project. However, M-13 Construction’s team worked collaboratively with all parties involved to gain approvals and ended with successful hotel construction.


Once construction was underway, M-13 Construction quickly discovered that large portions of the hotel architectural design lacked structural support and required redesign immediately. Additionally, the city required that a third-party company review each change of plans, amplifying the damage to both budget and time. Rather than simply requiring the client to hire a new architect, M-13 Construction set up a roundtable meeting with the architects, engineers, and our subcontractors to align the best solution moving forward. M-13 Construction utilized its unique knowledge of local supplies and equipment costs by aligning all parties involved and working closely with the local subcontractors. Through this relationship, M-13 Construction saved money for the client by tailoring the project for the location.


When brought on for the second hotel, M-13 Construction knew they needed to build client trust from the beginning. They assured the client that M-13 Construction takes on the responsibility and risk when using their architect and engineers should the drawings and plans be incorrect. Rather than isolating the construction process and having each portion designed independently, M-13 Construction’s architect and engineer collaboratively involved the subcontractors from day one. The early involvement allowed them to tailor the entire build to that region’s unique location while addressing any potential issues from day one.
Business Center Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott Palm Desert CA


M-13 Construction’s priority is to build each project correctly the first time, to save their clients both time and money. M-13 Construction believes the best method towards meeting this goal is by getting ahead of any potential scope creep before it occurs. As design renderings and blueprints can be challenging to visualize, M-13 Construction scheduled on-site walkthroughs with the owner to allow them the ability to better visualize the layout of everything from outlets to plumbing. This process enabled them to make any changes before the subcontractors begin the installation, preventing costly revisions later.
Ultimately M-13 Construction delivered two successfully constructed hotels to the client. By utilizing M-13 Construction’s design services from the beginning of the 2nd project, the client gained the value of the M-13 expertise and perspective from day one.