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Hospitality, Spanish Fork, Utah


The Hampton Inn built in Spanish Fork Utah, completed in February of 2020, was a 120-room, 60,432 square foot hotel. The owners of the hotel were referred to M-13 Construction by an existing M-13 client. The hotel was the 2nd hotel built in the city of Spanish Fork and was also the first updated version of Hampton Inn & Suites.


M-13 Construction was the first to construct a Hampton Inn and Suites according to the new prototype.
Local government officials and inspectors were not familiar with the requirements needed for a hotel.
The city of Spanish Fork had a limited number of inspectors and government officials available to sign off on construction phases. The timing of many of the final inspections fell when government and inspection offices were closed for national holidays.


M-13 Construction has a reputation for going above and beyond to build and protect the relationships they have with clients. During this project, M-13 had the opportunity to show how far they are willing to go to grow those relationships. Keeping the relationships as one of the foundational elements to this project allowed them to anticipate needs brought about by seasonal and logistical challenges and to work in various partnerships to make sure the job was executed above expectations.

Work Cross-Functionally With the Brand and Owners to Understand the Intent of the Hotel Designers

The Hampton Inn & Suites built in Spanish Fork Utah by M-13 Construction was the first hotel utilizing the new prototype. During a typical build for a hotel franchise there are existing hotels to use as examples for various elements. M-13 Construction regularly conducted meetings to understand the intent of the hotel designers and the hotel brand designers to ensure that the project was built in the way it was envisioned. During the build, the brand made changes and corrections to the details. M-13 Construction took this information to the subcontractors to review the changes and provided guidance for how the change could be best implemented at that point in the construction process. After gathering the input of all parties involved M-13 Construction responded to the brand and began to work out the best way to move forward to meet the needs of both the owner and the brand.

Went the Second Mile to Work Alongside Inspectors

The Hampton Inn and Suites was the second hotel to be built in Spanish Fork, Utah. The existing hotel in Spanish Fork was several decades old. This presented a problem in that many of the inspectors were not familiar with all of the requirements. They would frequently ask questions on the intent of what the design would need to be. M-13 Construction would help to educate them so that they could understand why and what requirements were there so that the project could be built safely.
Hampton Inn and Suites Spanish Fork Utah
Hampton Inn and Suites Spanish Fork Utah

Worked Weekends and Longer Hours to Accommodate Scheduling and Logistical Challenges.

M-13 Construction recognized the potential scheduling and logistical challenge this created. To accommodate the inspections they would schedule the inspections according to inspector availability and then arrange M-13’s own schedule so that things would be ready for the inspectors. This often required working weekends and longer hours in order to get things done before the inspector or fire marshall went on their vacation or took time off.
The Hampton Inn and Suites project resulted in a build that was completed on time. It has since obtained many high reviews online and in the end, was a very successful project that met the needs of both the owner and the brand.