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Multi-Family Living Apartments, Vernal, Utah


The Willow Park Apartment project, located in Vernal, Utah, consisted of 6 buildings; five 4-story apartment buildings featuring one, two, and three-bedroom apartments and a separate Clubhouse. The project, funded by private investors, was built as part of the Housing and Urban Development subsidized housing program.


Increased amounts of paperwork, documentation, and inspections were required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development
Subcontractor supplying 40% of the scope of work pulled out of the project
Sub-zero temperatures and weather-related challenges threatened to delay the project's timeline


It’s no secret that there are potentially unforeseen setbacks in the construction industry. M-13 Construction works quickly to solve these issues to keep the project moving forward. Such was the case with the Willow Park Apartment project. Their proactive approach to planning, years of building solid relationships, and extensive knowledge of working in extreme weather all contributed to the success of the Willow Park Apartments.

Structured Timeline to Allow for Unique Requirements by Government Agency

The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides subsidized housing to low-income families as they transition to self-sufficiency. Although funded by private investors, the Willow Park Apartments were built to be part of the HUD program. This project presented a challenge different from most because it involved working with a government agency that required additional paperwork and inspections to be completed before the project could move forward.

Utilized Existing Relationships With Subcontractors to Quickly Correct Labor Shortage

Once construction was underway, M-13 Construction Inc was presented with a new challenge. Because of the delay in the review process for the HUD program, the subcontractor responsible for 40% of the scope of work started another project and backed out, which required M-13 to move quickly to replace almost half of the workforce. M-13 Construction used its history and relationships with subcontractors to quickly bring in the necessary labor and talent needed to replace the contractor that had pulled out of the project.
Willow Park Apartments Vernal Utah 3
Willow Park Apartments Vernal Utah 2

Extra Measures Taken to Move Forward While Experiencing Extreme Weather

Vernal, Utah, is located in NorthEastern Utah and is 175 miles east of Salt Lake City. The Willow Park Properties project had a number of weeks when the temperature was less than -10° F. The extreme cold slows down the construction work and requires extra measures to protect the equipment. One evening the power went out due to a broken power cable. The oil in the equipment froze. One of the tower cranes did not have heater blocks and broke when everything froze overnight. Although a lot of work was lost that day, the M-13 crew was able to get the power fixed and the equipment defrosted for the next day.
Despite the challenges faced, the Willow Park project was successful. Residents were able to move in while M-13 Construction completed the other buildings, which allowed the investors to start earning income before the property was finished. M-13 Construction continues to value and work for solid relationships. Their strengths are not the tools they use to get the job done but the many years of providing solutions to complex problems that continue to add to their success. M-13 Construction works hand in hand with their partners so their clients can succeed. When the client succeeds, they succeed.