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Multi-Family Living Condominiums, Hurricane, Utah


Sand Hollow Resort, located outside St. George, Utah, is a recreation resort that provides access to a vast number of outdoor activities and a Championship golf course. The client, an investor of the resort, hired M-13 Construction to design and custom-build their multi-family condominiums. This project was incredibly unique because the exterior needed to match the rest of the Resort properties while adding interior upgrades and creating a 15-unit luxury multi-family building that met the investors’ high expectations.


The exterior of the new multi-family building needed to match the existing buildings while adding upgrades to the interior finishes
During the build, other phases of living accommodations were under construction by separate general contractors on the property
M-13 Construction would have to build the structure on sandy soil, which required additional excavation and structural elements to ensure the building's longevity.


M-13 Construction’s years of experience in construction, solid strategic relationships, and dedication to ensuring the best experience for all stakeholders helped them to complete the Sand Hollow Resort project and exceed expectations.


Sand Hollow Resort had already completed four phases of condominiums when the client asked M-13 Construction to build the fifth phase. The client, an investor of Sand Hollow Resort, wanted a higher standard of custom condominiums. The Resort required the exterior of the building to be the same as the existing phases and wanted the interior to be similar. The client wanted the building to be luxurious and to add upgrades to the finish materials and workmanship of the building. M-13 Construction facilitated conversations with all stakeholders throughout the design and build process to promote clear communication to meet the needs of both the Resort and the client. This proactive communication helped establish trust and confidence from all stakeholders resulting in a successful build.

Drawing on Strategic Partnerships to Tackle Environmental Challenges

The sandy soil of Southern Utah is where “Sand” Hollow derives a portion of its name. Naturally, sandy soil presents obstacles when building due to its ability to shift, causing a loss in the integrity of the building. Ensuring a sound structure requires the work and knowledge of additional experts. M-13 Construction worked closely with structural engineers during each phase of the design-build to ensure that the design would withstand the environment’s stresses and pressures and human use.
Dollhouse Layout Sand Hollow Resort
Kitchen of unit at Sand Hollow Resort

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From design to completion, M-13 Construction finished the 15-unit condominium project at Sand Hollow Resort in fifteen months. The client was especially pleased with M-13 Construction’s ability to meet the Resort’s requirements while implementing the upgraded luxurious interior.